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Using Public Transportation when Travelling

Riding public transportation is a great way to get around town when you’re on vacation, especially if you don’t have your vehicle with you. After all, you get to see the average person in their normal, everyday commute instead of just interacting with those that are involved in the tourist industry. However, if you do choose to utilize public transportation, make sure to get a bus wallet so that you will have an easier time boarding. Here are some tips to help you survive public transportation when you’re on vacation.

Make sure that you get your hands on a physical map of where you are going that shows the roads and your chosen destinations. You can typically find these maps in guidebooks, online, or even from gas stations or the airport convenience store.

Do some research to find out about websites for public transportation agencies in the area where you are going. This will give you an idea of what is available as well as where the stops are located and the schedule that they run on.

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After you find this information, compare the routes with the routes you need based on where you’d like to go. This will give you an idea of how much the bus pass will cost you and how much extra cash you may need to have on you. Keep in mind that you cannot use credit/debit cards when using public transportation- you’ll need to have cash or coins available.

Create your itinerary based on the knowledge that public transportation will take you longer than it would if you were using your own vehicle. Figure out the best combination of public and private transportation you will need.

Above all, make sure that you have fun, relax, and enjoy your vacation. Keep in mind that you may be able to use an “express” route- but these are only available during peak travel times and you may pay a little extra for them. If you’re concerned about safety, sit close to the driver/conductor. Always have your bus wallet handy when boarding so you don’t have to dig for your bus pass.