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Lake Grande condos expected to benefit from new jobs and reasonable prices?

The major mixed development projects in the Jurong Lake district, commercial and residential, promise to add more job opportunities to the area. More jobs mean more people looking to rent homes and apartments. That in itself is almost a guarantee for success.

Because of the unique location and attractive surroundings, the lake grande condos are well positioned to become an attractive development for investors and prospective tenants.

lake grande

Singapore is a buzzing entry port to Asian markets. Many internationality companies bring their top employees. All need homes for their families.  This is a reason why real estate in Singapore is a solid investment.

What about prices?

Real estate in Singapore is not a cheap investment. Real estate prices are quite high compared to cities in other parts of the world. Yet, because land is a limited quantity in Singapore, real estate prices will go up over time. This is particularly true for well-planned and located mixed high-quality developments such as lake grande condos.

J Gateway, another project by this developer, sold out at an average price of $ 1080.00 per square foot. And Lakeville is still selling at around $ 950.00 per square foot.

These prices compare well to those for some of the other bestselling projects. In fact, they are at the lower end of the price range. In April, the prices for the best-selling project ranged from about $ 1,300 to just over $ 1,600. However, one project stood out because their units went for $ 2,668 per square foot in the same month.

As we said, homes and condos are not cheap in Singapore. Yet, the potential for appreciation counts. There is plenty of it in Singapore real properties in the long run. Nevertheless, real estate prices in Singapore fluctuate on a short-term basis as they do everywhere else.